FLORES is the passion for ice cream and the creation of perfumes, both sweet and salted.

FLORES offers a wide range of ice creams made from vegetable milks and sorbet ice cream, all with quality and refined character.

FLORES chooses the best ingredients for you in a spirit of sustainability and respect for nature.


Gourmet Menu

Quinoa – Lemon & Basil Ice Cream

The quinoa is a treasure of the Incas which gets married well to the pulp and the lemon juice perfumed in the fresh basil. Excellent "Trou normand" between two gastronomic plates.

Hemp & Strawberry Ice Cream

Surprising mixture of a fruit which caress the earth and of these seeds of a plant which also dresses the human body.

Sea Buckthorn

Sea buckthorn is first a food for its raw vitamin value, Tonic by its minerals and trace elements it is considered a re-generator of the skin.


Sweet welcoming tenderness in all the lunches and in all my other flavors.

abricot et lavande
Apricot and

Apricot and Lavender is a journey of flavors, which unites the strength of the fruit and the aromatic sweetness of a flower to be enjoyed as a dessert or to cleanse the palate during a meal.

poivron doux et Framboise.png
Sweet pepper and Raspberry

It's February 14th every day, a red and sweet pepper that you can smell and let itself be smelled thanks to the generous raspberry, a surprise for lovers of good living, delicate and subtle for dessert, sublime in a salad or with cold soup.


Jesus Flores

Jesus Flores is the founder of « FLORES », I am a creator of ices with plant milk (hemp and quinoa) and sherbets in association withGilfi, S.A., who takes care of the production in their workshop to Francorchamps (Stavelot). 
My products are certified organic by Certisys.

I am looking for a distributor for my products.

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